It is the end of an awesome year at the Rotary Club of Buffalo! Warren Stoltman has far exceeded the club goals and has proven to be a great leader. As he received a standing ovation at the Rotary meeting on June 25th, he humbly gave credit to the club for all his accomplishments. He took on a project to raise enough funds to install 9 musical instruments in the Buffalo community. With Warren's strong leadership skills and determination, the club not only raised the money for 9 musical instruments, there were 11 musical instruments installed along with signage to honor all the donors who contributed to the project.

As the 2013-2014 Rotary year ends, Warren passes the gavel to Jason Chalupnik. Jason, in the Rotarian "Service Above Self" way, volunteered to take the position of club president when unfortunate circumstances left the club with no incoming president. Even though Jason didn't have a lot of time for preparation, he rolled up his sleeves and took over the duties and responsibilities with a totally committed attitude. The club is looking forward to his leadership and another great year.