Don't miss the Music Park Naming Opportunity! Unable to give at that level? No worries! Donations of any size will be much appreciated. 

Music Park Naming Opportunities  


3 Instruments @ $5,500

    • Swirl, Contra Chimes, Saturn Chimes

2 Instruments @ $4,500

    • Imbarimba & Flying Amadinda  

3 Instruments @ $3,500

    • Pagoda Bells, Tuned Drums, Griffon Weenote  

1 Instrument @  $2,500

    • Merry Weenote  
    • Your Business Name
    • Your Family Name
    • Partner with another business or family
    • Gifts of all sizes are needed to create the Music Park. If you would like to participate, but not with a “Naming Gift”, we welcome your participation at any amount. 

Why Give? 


    • Your business or family name will be displayed with the instrument of your choice, for all time.
    • You send a clear message that you “care about your community”.
    • You make music fun and accessible so EVERYONE can play.
    • You bring people back to our community/downtown again and again.
    • Your gift is a nice tax deduction.
    • We can’t do this project without you.

When you are ready to make your commitment to this project, please contact Warren Stoltman at 763-459-4559 or Karla Heeter at 612-210-4172.