Oct 27, 2021 12:00 PM
Ellie Schreder and Gymps Sunel
Mango Farms Haitian Community Gardens

Mango Farms set out to provide a community in Haiti with a safe and sustainable space to grow food and raise animals in addition to partnering with master gardeners and providing agriculture education.  Mango Farms farmers will be able to feed their families, earn a living wage by taking produce and animals to market, and provide money for their children's school tuition and other basic living necessities.

A Haitian native, Gymps Sunel was raised by his grandmother after losing his parents at age 2. He was educated in Haiti, Martinique, the Dominican Republic and later on in the United States.

After Covid-19 hit in 2020, Gymps saw an increase in the number of children and people that were living in poverty and the number of Haitians experiencing hunger plunged to a deeper level, many not knowing where their next meal would come from. It was this realization that led Gymps to find a parcel of land in his home country and the vision of Mango Community Family Farm was born. It is our hope that Mango Farms will provide a safe space for families to grow their own food and be able to provide a sustainable living wage from the proceeds of sales at the market.


Last year Buffalo Rotary partnered with Brooklyn Center Rotary in purchasing the solar well, water storage, and irrigation system for Mango Farms through a District Grant. 


Gymps Sunel and Brooklyn Center Rotary member Ellen Schreder join us this Wednesday to talk about Mango Farms.